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First they went after a virtually unknown cultural critique for looking for $6,000 in funding to make videos examining tropes in video games. As a result, she raised over a hundred thousand, has become a major speaker on harassment and violence in video game culture, appeared on The Colbert Report, became the front point for a $300M investment for women in tech from Intel and spoke as an authority in front of the UN.

Then they went after the ex-girlfriend of a guy who wrote a massive call for her harassment because he was a paranoid believing that she spent with multiple men for good reviews on a free to play game she created. Not only where all the claims discredited and despite her being forced out of her home, she managed to create an extremely well regarded harassment victim support service, been interviewed multiple times, been a key speaker at numerous conferences and the UN, capping it all off with a book and movie deal rumoured to have Scarlett Johansson on board as a potential actor/producer.

Give Gamergate five more years to try and destroy these women, and one will be a Senator and the other a billionaire at the rate they're going.

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