Sep. 4th, 2015

dexfarkin: (me)

Now I realize the chances of Hillary’s nomination are decreasing on a near-daily basis, but indulge me a moment in my premise — what America would look like under an HRC presidency. She’s still leading in the polls, despite all.

Almost no one who voted against her would be giving her the benefit of the doubt. Why should they? They would be looking for ways to reject her presidency. Tax avoidance would be endemic. Why give money to a country where the president abjures the rule of law? (Yes, that’s already happened but this would, after a political campaign, be a force multiplier.) With the national treasury under threat, all sorts of results could occur — a stock market meltdown beyond what we are experiencing now, full scale depression like the 1930s, urban riots that make Baltimore and Ferguson look like Kiddyland, nonstop demonstrations of all sorts from all sides, millions of people opting out á la John Galt (most without knowing who he is), an American decline beyond recognition (if you think things are bad now, you haven’t seen anything), little border control with giant Islamic spillover from Europe, terror attacks routine, and, yes, remote a possibility as it may be, a violent civil war between between sides in a hugely split society.

Dogs and cats, living together! Mass hysteria!

Actually, he's correct in one thing. Tax avoidance would be endemic. It currently is. Amoungst the 1%. Funny to think that ol' Rog is technically saying that the state needs to have an effective engine for collecting taxes and preventing tax avoidance.

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