Jul. 23rd, 2015

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My benefit card arrived today, signalling the end of my probationary period at work. I once opined that if you weren't getting pay, was the three month evaluation period then rightly called an 'amateurbationary period' at which point she left and never called me again. But I digress.

The key importance is the drug plan. Over the last year, I've been adapting to regular medication for depression, which I'm told has a wonderful effect of making me sound curt, unsympathetic, and a bit of a jerk. Especially when twinned with my normal active voice as a writer on the internet. However, the evolution of the treatment and the body's adjustment to it has largely evened out by now. The trouble was that while unemployed, my meds ended up costing several hundred a month.

(Yes, I know there are people who pay significantly more and have the added cost of paying for medical care on top of it. It's not a competition)

Now with my benefits, that cost is cut by 90%. It's important because that cost was the major stressor in my life that the medication is supposed to help. Taking medication for depression that is largely caused by money issues that stem from buying the medication to take for depression. That's so far past irony that it's goldy. Or possibly platnumy. Anyhow, with this, I feel like my entire life has been able to take a deep breath.

With that comes a certain amount of reflection. I'm in a good relationship. I have an active social life on and off the net. I run a successful trivia night which has introduced me to a new crowd of people. I'm in a relatively well paid position that I enjoy. There are always issues but unlike the last few years, it now feels like each step is on solid ground towards somewhere, as opposed to mired in quicksand. It's a nice feeling to look at challenges as opportunities and drama as unfortunate but also inconsequential in the long term. I'm going to pick a tomato from my backyard garden tonight and then run trivia. That, my friends, is the very definition of a win.

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